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Sky Thalassa

Puff Pet Hair Dissolver

Puff Pet Hair Dissolver

Tired of pet hair sticking around? Try Puff Pet Hair Dissolver and kiss the mess goodbye!

Puff Pet Hair Dissolver is the only Pet hair remover for use in the washing machine:

  • Dissolves hair with active Oxygen.
  • Leaves washing machines clean and free from hair.
  • Eliminates bad odor.
  • Sanitize blankets, mats, coats, and all items that have been in contact with the Pet.
  • Non-irritating if applied on human skin and dermatologically tested with Patch test from the University of Ferrara.
  • Specific for professionals in the Pet sector and all companies that are in contact with animals and whoever needs to wash hairy clothes.
  • Leaves no chemical residue and contains zero chlorine bleach.

Washing Instruction:

  1. Just pour a dose of about 80 grams of Puff Pet Hair Dissolver in your washing machine dispenser drawer with your Pet’s towel, blankets and/or your Pet bedding, taking care not to overload the machine with too much bedding at one time as there needs to be room for the Dissolver to work.
  2. Shake repeatedly the box to allow the internal dispenser to dispense the expected dose of 80 grams.
  3. Add also your usual detergent with the same dose you normally use, plus fabric softener if you wish to maintain softness.
  4. To obtain a good result, use the same washing cycle used for fabrics that have been in contact with Pets. .
  5. The first time, is recommended to use double dose of product in case of many hair stuck or when washing larger sheets.
  6. The items that can be washed are : the Pet blankets, all bedding that are in contact with Pets and machine washable Pet beds.
  7. It can also be used for human bedding, such as scrubs, doctor’s coat and horse riding sportswear as long as it is 100% cotton while we do not recommend washing bedding made from wool, silk or leather.
  8. It is suggested to wash Pet's linen regularly every 1/2 weeks, to prevent and dissolve germs, eggs, larvae, fecal matter and any other harmful agent that may accumulate.
  9. The linen will therefore remain clean, perfumed and hygienic and the whole family also be protected from germs related to Pets.

"Puff Pet Hair Dissolver" uses an effective active to break the keratin of the hair, dissolving them and taking them away.
The washing machine drum and filter are left clean after use, prolonging the life of the washing machine itself.

100% Made in Italy.

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